Mary & Martha: Sisters in the Flesh and in the Faith

Our siblings are a major part of our lives! Some of Jesus' disciples were brothers. And two of His followers were sisters. What a blessing when our siblings in the flesh are also our siblings in the faith!

Why You Should Stop Trying to Be a Leader

Most of us want to lead. We want to be the boss, the captain, the influencer. But is that good? What if we stopped trying to lead others and instead focused on following Jesus?

Why We Fall Out of Good Habits (and How to Start Practicing Them Again)

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. That's the easy part! It's a lot harder to practice that habit day after day. No matter how life has interrupted your routine, you can get back into good habits.

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead? If so, why? Is it reasonable to think someone could actually come back to life? Paul thinks so. He lists five facts that build a powerful case for Jesus' resurrection.

Ninth Stage (Part 2): Crossing Enchanted Ground

Christian & Hopeful cross Enchanted Ground. To stay awake, they discuss Hopeful's conversion. Bunyan shows us we must start our pilgrimage properly. Do you fully acknowledge God for your salvation?