How Jesus Changes Your Relationships

The quality of our relationships is an indication of our spiritual health. Jesus changes how we treat others on a daily basis.

How to Resolve Conflict

How we respond to conflict has a huge impact on our health and the quality of our relationships. On the one hand, we can choose to ignore conflict when it arises. This seems easier than resolving it but only makes its effects more disastrous. Unresolved conflict makes us bitter, resentful, stressed, and difficult to get … Continue reading How to Resolve Conflict

How to Have Fellowship with Other Christians

Fellowship is an integral part of being a Christian. While churches promote it as part of their activities, we struggle to know what it is or how to have it. What we call "fellowship" often amounts to little more than socializing. But fellowship must be more than this, for we can socialize with the world … Continue reading How to Have Fellowship with Other Christians