How to Give Your Wife a Great Gift

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Women love receiving gifts! Many are no doubt wondering what their husband will give them for Valentine’s Day. But not all men love giving gifts. And who can blame them? A holiday devoted to romance puts a lot of pressure on us! 

And it doesn’t end there. She also expects a gift on her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, and probably other times too! It can get overwhelming, especially if giving gifts doesn’t come naturally to you.   

But giving your wife a gift isn’t something to balk at. She isn’t materialistic, nor does she want you to spend all your money on her. She wants a gift because gifts communicate worth. In other words, gifts show how special she is.

Is She Worth It?

Men receive gifts differently than women. When we get a gift we ask, “Can I use it?” We’re usually looking for something practical. When a woman gets a gift she asks, “Am I worth it?” The value of the gift shows how valuable she is.

Your wife wants to know she’s worth the effort and expense of giving her a gift. It doesn’t need to be expensive; she understands you only have so much money. But it’s a good idea to spend as much on her as you reasonably can! 

And there’s no limit to how much time and energy you can spend. You can still get her a great gift even if you’re broke! She just wants to know she’s worth the cost of the gift, whatever that might be.

What Does She Like?

There’s nothing wrong with asking other guys what we’re getting our wives for Valentine’s Day. But the best gift will be unique and specific to your wife. Ask yourself, “What does she like?” Tailor it to her likes and interests.

Remember that your wife wants to connect with you. A great gift brings you closer together. Try sharing an experience with her. If she likes music, take her to a musical or concert. If she likes to drink, spend an afternoon with her at a winery. Get creative by turning your gift into some sort of date.

Women also like being surprised. Find fun ways to show your wife you’re thinking about her. This can be as elaborate as sending her flowers at work, or as simple as leaving a note in her purse. Small gifts like these communicate love in big ways!

Don’t let the pressure to find the “perfect gift” get to you. As long as your gift makes her feel special and brings you together, it will be great!          

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