A Prayer for 9/11

“Dear Father,

Minister to our country as we remember 9/11.

Comfort the families of victims who died in the attacks. Give them Your peace that surpasses understanding. Especially help those questioning Your goodness. Remind them You work everything out for the good of those who love You.

Thank you for our first responders. Make them feel valued and appreciated. Provide healing and adequate care for those suffering long-standing health issues due to exposure during their response. Thanks for their courage and self-sacrifice.

Change the hearts of terrorists involved in attacks like these. Convict them of their sinful, violent ways. Grant them a new heart along with faith and repentance that lead to salvation. Make them bold witnesses for You.

Help us respond properly to such tragedy. Give us opportunities to help those in need. Make us willing to forgive our enemies and repay them with love, not hatred. Show us how to preach the gospel in all things. Let us shine Your light even as we remember such a dark day.

Bless our country. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


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