How to Boost Your Prayer Life in 2019

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Do your prayers ever feel stale? Mine do. After all, not much changes on a daily basis. My routine pretty much stays the same. Get up; go to work; come home; play with the kids; put them to bed; relax; go to bed. Not much to pray about, right?

On top of that, most of us aren’t doing anything worthwhile for the gospel. Few American Christians pursue spiritual maturity. Even fewer are active in evangelism. So we shouldn’t be surprised when praying feels boring, redundant, or even pointless.

But there is a way to put some pep back into your prayer life. Voice of the Martyrs publishes an annual prayer calendar. Each day of the year has a specific prayer request for the persecuted church.

They also publish a monthly newsletter. Each issue shares stories about Christians who currently suffer persecution. It tells you how to pray for them, and gives unique opportunities to support them. And it’s totally free!

More than anything, persecuted Christians ask us to pray for them. And more than anything, praying for them energizes our prayers. Praying for the persecuted is like spiritual caffeine. If you want to boost your prayer life in 2019, pray for the persecuted.

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