Why You Should Go to Bible College

Ozark Christian CollegeBy the time they are upperclassmen, most students are thinking about which college they should attend. They begin to search for the right school and program. They visit campuses, apply for admission, and compare their options.

During their college search, most students don’t consider Bible college. A “Bible college” focuses primarily on the Bible and training for ministry. It equips students who are committed to working in the local church. Even if you aren’t going into ministry, it’s a viable option worth considering.

Here are four reasons you should go to Bible college:

Reason #1: It increases your spiritual health
Students who attend Bible college are more spiritually healthy. It’s possible to grow in your faith at a secular college, but it’s easier and more natural at Bible college. This is because the education and environment are designed to help you grow closer to God.

The education reinforces a biblical worldview. It upholds Christian beliefs and applies the gospel to every area of life. It also solidifies Christian values. It maintains that the goal of our lives is not to make money, but to glorify God.

The environment fosters devotion to God. Students who attend Bible college are more likely to develop spiritual disciplines and resist temptation. They are also encouraged to attend weekly chapel services.

Reason #2: It prepares you for ministry
If you want to change the world for Jesus, go into ministry. It’s possible to make an impact for Him in any job. But if you aren’t in ministry, you’re more likely to get caught up in worldly affairs and forget about serving Him.

Students who attend Bible college are more prepared for ministry. They are trained to study the Bible on an academic level. They are required to complete a certain number of service hours each semester. Some are even required to do an internship.

Do you like serving others? Do you like helping them grow in their faith? Does it excite you to see them taking Jesus seriously? Then perhaps God is calling you into ministry. And nothing prepares you for ministry quite like going to Bible college.

Reason #3: There are bivocational programs
You can still attend Bible college even if you aren’t going into ministry. Many Bible colleges have programs where you can earn a degree from them as well as from a state university at the same time.

Students who do this earn a two-year degree from Bible college and a four-year degree from another school. This is especially helpful for those wanting to study nursing, counseling and psychology, or education.

This gives you the spiritual benefits of staying on a Bible college campus. It also gives you the vocational benefits of a degree from a secular university.

Reason #4: It’s worth the money
This is your parents’ greatest concern. College is expensive, and they want to know your education is worth the money. This is especially true if you attend Bible college and you aren’t going into ministry.

If you’re a parent, let me ask you: Is making money the only reason to go to college? Couldn’t there be other benefits as well? What about cementing a foundation for a lifetime of faith?

Your child doesn’t have to give up their future. They could attend Bible college for just a year and earn a Certificate, or just two years and earn an Associate’s Degree. Then they could earn a Bachelor’s Degree at a secular college.

Isn’t it worth the money for your child to learn responsibility and independence in a Christian setting?

Is Bible college “worth the money”? Leave your thoughts with a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Go to Bible College

  1. When I was 21 years of age, I went to Capernwray Bible School in Germany and it was one of the best years of my life. I loved it. I will never regret it for any reason. I grew a lot that year and it helped me to focus more spiritually. I still look back on that time with a lot of gratitude. I would highly recommend anyone to go. 🙂

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