Does God Exist?

Intelligent DesignGod’s Not Dead was released just over a year ago on March 21, 2014. It tells the story of a college student (Josh Wheaton) whose Christian faith is challenged by an atheist professor (Jeffrey Radisson). When Josh refuses to sign a statement that “God is dead,” Radisson requires him to defend God’s existence by debating him in front of the class.

This movie was extremely popular among Christians. Although it only cost $2 million to make, it earned $8.6 million on opening weekend! These sales reveal a strong interest in the evidence and arguments for God’s existence.

But does it really matter if God exists? Is it really worth making an entire movie about Him?

Some would say no. In our scientific and postmodern age, it is fashionable to deny that God exists. He is often compared to Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny – a myth believed by children but rejected by adults.

These people are wrong. The existence of God is the most important question we could ask! If He exists, there is meaning and hope for our lives. If He exists, there is absolute truth and a right way to live.

Can We Prove God Exists?
We cannot prove that God exists. Ultimately, His existence must be accepted by faith. But it isn’t blind faith; we don’t believe in ignorance. Rather, we believe based on evidence.

Think about how the scientific method works. We observe how things are today to discern how they used to be. Or what about history? We check multiple sources against the available evidence to construct an accurate account of the past.

This is how we approach the question of God’s existence. We look at the available evidence and ask, “What’s the most likely explanation?” Does it make sense to believe in God? Does the world operate the way it would if He existed?

The answer is overwhelmingly yes.

Arguments for God
There are four main arguments for the existence of God. Taken together, they build a powerful and positive case that He exists:

  • Cosmological Argument. This is the argument from cause and effect. It goes like this: “Everything that begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause.” The question is, what caused it? This First Cause must itself be uncaused and eternal.
  • Teleological Argument. This is the argument from design. It goes like this: “Everything that shows design must have a designer. The universe shows design. Therefore, the universe has a designer.” The question is, what designed it? This Designer must be intelligent and purposeful.
  • Ontological Argument. This is the argument from being. It goes like this: “God is the greatest conceivable being. It is greater to exist in reality than in concept. Therefore, God exists.” This one is so simple it seems like a trick! While not accepted by all, it is a standard and historical argument for His existence.
  • Moral Argument. This is the argument from morality. It goes like this: “Everybody knows right from wrong. Each person is born with an innate sense of moral law. Therefore, there must be a moral lawgiver.” There must be an objective standard of what is good and right.

Arguments against God
The arguments for God’s existence are compelling. But in spite of them, some choose to deny that He exists. There are two main arguments against His existence:

  • Pain and suffering. It is often asked, “How could a good and loving God allow so much pain and suffering?” Then it is asserted that either God is not all-powerful (because He is unable to eliminate suffering), or He is not loving (because He is unwilling to eliminate suffering). Pain and suffering are difficult to understand. But they do not negate the evidence and arguments for God’s existence.
  • Evolution. It is often claimed that evolution has made God unnecessary, because we can now understand the origin of the universe and complex life without Him. But evolution is a constantly changing theory that suffers from inconsistencies and a sore lack of evidence. It is much more reasonable to believe that a supernatural being is the source and sustainer of all life.

What most convinces you that God exists? Share your thoughts with a comment below!

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