How To Pray For Your Family

Father Prays For ChildAs a husband and father, it is important for me to do what is best for my family. But there are a lot of ideas about what is best. Some say working hard and earning a living is best. Others say making sure my children get a good education is best. Still others say making sure everyone is happy and healthy is best. These are important values for a family to uphold, but each falls short of what is best.

The most important thing I can do is pray for my family and partner with God as He answers my prayers. I pray for my family as a whole and for each of its members, and live toward them in a way that allows God to accomplish His purposes in their life. This is what is best for them. And if God has blessed you with a family, this is what is best for them.

I constantly ask God to teach me how to do this well. I sneak into my daughters’ rooms after they fall asleep and pray for them, and pray with/for my wife before we go to bed. Then I try to love my daughters as God loves His children and love my wife as Jesus loves His church. Do I do this perfectly? Not even close! But I keep trying because this is what is best for them. Here is what God has taught me so far:

How To Pray For Your Husband
God wants men to love their wives as Jesus loves the church by being sacrificial, considerate, and respectful. He wants men to raise their children in the training and instruction of the gospel while being patient and understanding with them. He wants men to provide for their family through hard work and honest gain. Women, pray for your husband to become such a man. Then live toward him in a way that your prayers are answered by being a respectful, submissive, and supportive helper.

How To Pray For Your Wife
God wants women to submit to their husbands as the church submits to Jesus by respecting, honoring, and obeying them. He wants women to care for their children and manage their homes. Men, pray for your wife to become such a woman. Pray that God gives her joy and satisfaction as she fulfills her domestic calling. Then live toward her in a way that your prayers are answered by being a caring,  interested, helpful, and faithful provider and protector.

How To Pray For Your Kids
God wants children to honor their parents by obeying them, submitting to their discipline, and caring for them as they grow old. He wants children to learn the knowledge and skills required for successful and godly adulthood. He wants children to grow strong and become sound in body, mind, heart, and spirit. He wants children to walk in the faith of their parents and pass it on to their own children. Parents, pray for your kids to become such children. Then live toward them in a way that your prayers are answered by being an attentive, sensitive, and proactive caretaker.

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