How Your Relationship With God Affects Every Area of Your Life

Jesus the CarpenterThe Gospels are full of stories about Jesus performing incredible miracles. While these stories cause us to marvel at and place our faith in Him, they make it very hard to relate to Him. Has a blind person ever asked you to give them sight? Has a lame person ever asked you to make them walk? Has a parent ever asked you to heal their dying child? Probably not. Although we have trouble relating to Jesus, He can relate to us! He lived an entire lifetime in the world of human situations and relationships. From birth to death, He went through ever stage of life and relates to us in each one.

Our goal as Christians is to be able to relate to Jesus in every area of our lives. It becomes easier to relate to Him as we become more like Him. John says, “We know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” This means that we will be remade to be just like Jesus when He comes back! But John goes on to say, “Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure” (1 John 3:2-3). This means that even now the Holy Spirit is using our hope of Jesus’ return to purify us and make us more like Him. And this produces practical results in every area of our daily lives.

How To Not Be More Like Jesus in Your Daily Life
We fail to be more like Jesus when we compartmentalize our lives. “Compartmentalize” means to divide into sections or categories (compartments). We make distinctions between our “work life,” “home life,” “social life,” “love life,” and “spiritual life” instead of thinking about our lives as an integrated whole. As a result, we relegate religion to a private sector of our lives and reduce our relationship with God to a set of spiritual disciplines that we practice in secret. The problem with this approach to life is that we are not compartmentalized beings. One area of our lives affects every other area, no matter what distinctions we make between them.

How To Be More Like Jesus in Your Daily Life
We become more like Jesus when we realize that He lived an ordinary human life. We can reconstruct the first thirty years of His life from what the Bible expects of us. He had a family, so He obeyed His parents and was kind to His siblings. He went to school, so He respected His teachers and had good study habits. He had a job, so He worked hard and provided for Himself. He had money, so He used it for others’ sake and left His possessions to fulfill God’s will for His life. He was tempted, so He had bodily cravings and wanted to sin. Jesus was a normal human being who lived a normal human life.

We must also realize that the Holy Spirit wants to make us more like Jesus in our ordinary human lives. Our relationship with God affects our relationships with family and friends. It affects our attitude toward school and our study habits. It affects our attitude toward work and our work ethic. It affects how we feel about our appearance and earn our reputation. It affects what entertains us and how much we are entertained. It affects how we handle temptation and encounter tempting situations. It affects how we spend money and use our possessions. It affects our plans and how we prepare for the future.

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