How To Bring Others into a Relationship with God

HandshakeA mistake Christians make is thinking that God’s work in our lives is complete. We get comfortable in our Christianity and assume we are finished products. But the truth is that we will never know Him or be like Jesus perfectly in this life. So His work in us is never complete. In the same way, His work through us is never complete. There will always be others who don’t know Him yet. Part of our relationship with God is bringing others into a relationship with Him.

How To Not Bring Others into a Relationship with God
There are two attitudes we must avoid when trying to bring others into a relationship with God:

  1. Don’t be arrogant. It’s tempting to look down on others who don’t know God and live apart from Him. It’s tempting to think He saved us because we are somehow better or more deserving. We need to remember that before He saved us, we were just as dead in our own sins. We need to remember that Jesus wasn’t too proud to associate with us in all our sinfulness.
  2. Don’t be impersonal. It’s tempting to rely on impersonal methods of evangelism, such as handing out gospel tracts or wearing Christian clothing. These methods are required when the church is forced to work underground and effective when people hunger for truth. But in America, the church is allowed to work above ground and people are not hungry for truth.

How To Bring Others into a Relationship with God
There’s no exact formula, but here’s a general pattern you can follow when trying to bring others into a relationship with God:

  1. Become their friend. Take an interest in the people around you who don’t belong to Jesus. Ask questions about their life and answer questions about your life. Get to know them, spend time with them, and develop friendships with them.
  2. Tell them about Jesus. In a non-threatening way, tell them who Jesus is, what He said, and what He did. Include facts about His life and ministry in your conversations. Be patient, match their interest level, and look for opportunities to tell them more.
  3. Tell them how He changed your life. Be honest about the person you were before God saved you. Explain how you realized your need for Jesus and put your faith in Him. Tell them how the Holy Spirit is changing you to be more like Him.
  4. Tell them how He can change their life. This requires a solid foundation of friendship. Tell them they are sinners under God’s wrath condemned to hell, but He will forgive them if they receive Jesus and turn away from their sin. Assure them they don’t have to spend the rest of their life and all eternity apart from God.
  5. Baptize them. Remind them of the gospel and help them overcome unbelief. When they confess Jesus as the Son of God who died for their sins and rose from the dead, and when they repent of their sin and resolve to obey God, baptize them in Jesus’ name. At their baptism they will belong to Jesus, receive the Holy Spirit, and begin a relationship with God.

3 thoughts on “How To Bring Others into a Relationship with God

  1. Also I loved that you said when telling others about Jesus we must “match their interest level”. I’ve probably heard that before, but I’ve never heard it articulated so simply and clearly. We must match their interest level or we will turn them off from our message.

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