Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead? If so, why? Is it reasonable to think someone could actually come back to life? Paul thinks so. He lists five facts that build a powerful case for Jesus' resurrection.

Why Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead. But can you explain why He did? Was it just because He can? He didn't do it to show off. The Bible gives good reasons why He rose again.

Why Did Jesus Die?

Why did Jesus die? Most would answer, "To forgive my sins." This is true and sufficient for saving faith. But His death has deeper meanings that help us understand exactly how He forgives our sins.

Ninth Stage (Part 2): Crossing Enchanted Ground

Christian & Hopeful cross Enchanted Ground. To stay awake, they discuss Hopeful's conversion. Bunyan shows us we must start our pilgrimage properly. Do you fully acknowledge God for your salvation?

Patrick: “Evangelist of the Emerald Isle”

Happy St Patrick's Day! Parades and large-scale celebrations are cancelled again. But that doesn't diminish the holiday. Did you know there was a real Christian named Patrick? His life inspires us to risk it all telling others about Jesus!